I am starting this thread so that anyone doing the Stanford Artificial Intelligence online course starting October 10th can share thoughts/comments. This came up in Apling678/summer 2011. Stanford is offering a basic course on Artificial Intelligence online free to anyone in the world who wants to take it. According to the two instructors, it is an experiment to see what happens if they offer the course free to anyone in the world. When I signed up there were already 100,926 people registered. Apparently there will be quizzes, homework assignments and feedback. It will also be possible to submit question which the two instructors say they will try to aggregate and address. Could this be the way of the future? Since the course is on AI, could this be a preview of Web 3.0 in action? As an online instructor, I am very curious to see what it is like to take a course with 200,000 + fellow students! kate

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