Kathleen Porterfield posted a status
Nov 19, 2022
Hey everyone,
I graduated 2 years ago or so and miss being part of an AppLing community, is there any linguistics book club going on? Or even a group for linguistic podcast listeners! I see that the Good Reads group hasn't had much going on in years. Not looking to start or lead anything but wondering if there's a group already out there : )

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  • Hi Kathleen :-)

    Our book club on GoodReads didn't take off as much as I hoped it would have when I first started it a all those years ago.  I think we just need a few interested folks to pick up the baton and run with it :-).  There are quite a few linguistics and language related podcasts (I post what I find on our twitter feed). Twitter is a place where I've connected with other linguists. It's a bit of a mess these days due to Elon Musk's buy out, but I don't know how that's affected the linguistics folks that hang out there :)

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