Can I change my advisor?

Advising is one of the important aspects of being in a Master of Arts program. Sometimes advising is quite quick because you know what you want, and you've done copious amounts of research into the courses that you want to take, and other times it's a bit longer because you are looking for that advice from your advisor.  Either way, an advisor is available for you as soon as you start in our program!


In the beginning, you are assigned an advisor by the program coordinators (me or Evy), but that doesn't mean that you need to stick with the same advisor throughout your course of studies!  Each of our professors has a different specialty, so you might decide you want to have another professor because your interests much more closely align to what the professor's interests are.  You can, at any time, switch advisors!  All you need to do is the following:


1.  Have a look at our faculty listing

Even though their profiles are brief, these profiles give you a better idea of what the professor's interests are, what courses they teach, and what areas some of their scholarship is in.

2.  Pick a professor as a potential advisor.

The faculty listing lists more people than we have advisors.  Only some faculty do advising.  Here is who is an academic advisor:

  • Carhill-Poza, Avary (
  • Chun, Christian (
  • Etienne, Corinne, (
  • Gounari, Panayota (
  • Leider, Chris (
  • Sclafani, Jennider (
  • Urbanski, Kimberly (

You should contact one of these professors to see if they would be able to have you switch advisors and for them to be your advisor.  

3. Once you get the all-clear - please email me ( to let me know that you will be switching advisors, and I can make a note of it :)


That's it! :)




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